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Micol Muratori is a process-led interdisciplinary artist working between drawing, printmaking and installation.

Driven by a process of intuitive mark making and the representation of the human body, she aims to capture the fleetingness of a moment and emotion in each medium used, with attention to unsettling established divisions between the emotional and physical body, between body and environment,  prompting the viewers to question their own relationship with themselves and others. Recurrent themes in her work are also those of instability, metamorphosis, new beginnings and hauntings. The subjects are inspired by an archive of figurative images: found images, personal photographs and memories, together with images in historical classical paintings. The diverse art pieces then often undertake an obsessive layering process that combines collage, over-drawing, painting, carving, projection or digital alteration, bringing elements of chance and uncontrol into the creation.

The resulting works are recognisable and mysterious at the same time, revealing the ambiguity of image/time and a landscape of dream.



[ 2023 ]  MFA Art & Humanities, University of Dundee     

[ 2018- 2020 ]  BA Fine Art, Lancaster University



[ Forthcoming ] Dissolving Forms, CRAC, Castelnuovo Rangone, Modena, Italy

[ 2022 ] Un-Edited, Più Spazio Libero, Castelnuovo Rangone, Modena, Italy


[ 08 2023 ] Apparitions, Crawford, Dundee

[ 24.4- 28.4 2023] Attend the Tension, Dalhouisie, Old Hawkhill, Dundee

[10.3- 6.5 2023] Nature's Endurance, Artworks Gallery, Halifax

[ 2021 ] Entangled Sketchbooks, Ensemble Projects, Morecambe, UK

[ 2021 ]Y/Our Perspective, Lancaster Institute of Contemporary Arts, Degree show 

[ 2020 ] Transient, Up North Arts

[ 2019 ] Between the Lines, Lancaster University Library, Lancaster, UK

[ 2018 ] La Cosa Viva/In Questo Momento, Galleria Artesì, Modena, Italy

[ 2018 ] Come Cani alla Catena, Palazzo Piella in Castelfranco Emilia, Italy


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