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Apparitions was displayed as part of the Masters Degree show exhibition at the University of Dundee in DJCAD, in August 2023.
An installation bringing together large scale drawings, prints, light projections and a video, resulting from a year's exploration into mark-making, the body, and interior worlds.

It ever was, and is, and shall be, ever-living fire, in measures being kindled and in measures going out.

- Heraclitus

Exhibition text:

Apparitions raises questions about the relationship between chance creation and meaning-making and attempts to demonstrate the dynamic interplay between the visible and invisible, the physical and metaphysical. Each work arose as a response to the previous, placing the pieces in dialogue with each other. Compositions, bodies and hybrid figures appear out of an indeterminate and unconscious form creation, driven by a process of improvised gesture, over-drawing and layering. The distinct pieces are brought together by their potential state of continual change and lack of a definite outcome, but also through a personal language which embodies the fluid qualities of the natural elements, blending the boundaries between body and environment, form and fluidity, pattern and infinity of complex systems of lines, background and foreground.

The display comprises three major pieces: Flight Notations, pen drawings made with two hands simultaneously onto paper scrolls, Morphing, a series of waterless lithographies and screen-prints, and Dissolving Continuum, a wall collage with drawings traced from projected light. The last two works derive from marks made using a particular technique of fire drawing on thermal paper with an incense stick and lighter. The video documents the original and improvised making process behind the works.

Link to Master's Degree Showcase


Improvisations on thermal paper with fire, using a lighter and incense stick as tools. The drawings were then scaled up by scanning details and transformed into lythography and screen prints.

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